Meet Laura, Owner + Creative Visionary of Laurentina Photography & Video

I'm a lover of all things Italian, vibrant hues and your {un}scripted moments. 

Special thanks to Manali Sonnake, Annie Zimmerman, Corinna Bertoni and Brooke Silverman for capturing me in these portraits!

Locations: Georgetown - Washington DC, Reston, VA and Rome, Italy

I believe that each moment is to be celebrated for years to come. And these moments, both surprising and intentional, paints the powerful story of your life. 

Personalizing the experience to fit the interests of my clients is super important to me. I am open to any "out of the box" ideas to make your session the absolute best, even if that means scaling rocks on the James River shoreline, climbing a ladder to get the best angle or popping confetti overlooking a sun-drenched Italian vineyard. I want you to laugh, feel comfortable and have a great time! 

In my vocation as a photographer & videographer, I'm met with a passion to make connections and curate life as I see it, with all its fleeting moments. The greatest compliment that I can receive is that my clients' photos and videos brought back the emotion of the day they experienced, no matter if it's for a wedding, event or family portrait session. 

My heart resonates with the idea that the sky is the limit and creativity is its ultimate secret. Thank you for letting me #exploretocreate. From one adventure to the next, I'm forever grateful that you trusted me to be your creative storyteller!


Ten Fun Facts About the Girl "Behind the Lens"

1.) I like to start each day with a prayer and a shot... of espresso/matcha green tea - but not always in that order!

2.) My office assistant is a brown tabby rescue cat named Gioia Lucia.

3.) Gilmore Girls is the best show on the planet.

4.) Once upon a time, I ran my first full marathon in the Eternal City.

5.) My life changed for the better after studying in Orvieto, Italy.

6.) I once photographed a wedding where all the guests dressed in white

7.) My musical tastes are eclectic, shuffling between meditative to Italian pop/rock and roots/folk/reggae... and I love attending concerts! 

8.) I'm a foodie who loves snapping photos of what I eat.. except bugs!

9.) Yes, please call me "Lauretta"... it's one of my many Italian nicknames!

10.) A Malaysian podcaster once interviewed my sister and I on national radio and you can check out the episodes HERE (#Bestination - Ep. 15-20).

Want to learn more about my services? Chat about a collaboration? Ask a question? 

Talk to me! laurentinaphotography(at)gmail(dot)com.