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Easter in Slovenia

A Lifestyle Children's Photo Session at Lake Preddvor

Last spring, I had the opportunity to visit Slovenia during the week leading up to Easter and share in some of the country's religious and cultural traditions. As a sometimes destination photographer, one of my favorite travel pastimes is to use photography as a cultural bridge with the locals I meet, and as a means of educating friends and family back home. 

Preddvor Slovenia

I met Rebekah (+ her sons Blaz and Brin) and Ziva (+ her daughters Mirna and Zarja) through my Slovenian pen pal of 20 years, Janja. The three of them work together at the University in Ljubjalana (in Slovenia's capital) and their family friendship spans across three generations. In addition, Rebekah and Ziva are high school friends and their children spend weekends, summers and all holidays together.

Preddvor Slovenia

We went to Rebekah's majestic hometown of Preddvor, Slovenia for the photo shoot (just under an hour from Ljubjlana), where there is a serene lake and the Julian Alps as the perfect backdrop. It was Good Friday, and the kids were getting their Easter baskets ready.

(From Rebekah): "A week before Easter, on Palm Sunday, people take a decorated olive-tree-brunch or a butarica to the church to be blessed. Children sometimes put an orange or an apple on the branch. This branch kept through the year and used during three important occasions: Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and the Twelfth Night. On Easter Sunday, a basket of food is prepared and covered with a handmade cloth and brought to the church to be blessed. A typical Easter basket includes bread, colored eggs, ham, horseradish and a type of a nut cake called potica - which has religious symbolism referencing the Passion of Christ. While everyone is in the church, the Easter Rabbit comes and brings sweets to the children."

It was fun learning about Slovenian Easter traditions with my four new Slovenian friends in such a storybook, whimsical setting. Even though English is taught in school, the kids could not understand much of what I was saying (their moms had to translate) but thankfully, laughter and the word "smile" is universal. And I loved how Rebekah and Ziva simply let their children explore without hesitation... the ultimate "childhood unplugged" experience!

Easter eggs in Preddvor Slovenia

Slovenia is a darling little country with so much heart and I can't wait until my next trip back! Hope you enjoyed this post on Slovenian Easter traditions... since Easter is so late this year (and I gave up desserts for Lent), I can't stop asking myself, "Are we there yet?" 

Photography: Laurentina Photography

Styling: Rebekah Zalle Zorman + Ziva Broder

Children's Wardrobe:

Mirna and Zarja (H&M, Doc Martens, Converse)

Blaz and Brin (United Colors of Benetton, H&M) 

Loudoun County Photographer | Snow Day Portraits at Algonkian Regional Park

Snow in March?

Golden Hour Portraits at Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, VA

As a photographer who has worked in this area for many years, I have come to accept the fact that the weather in Northern Virginia is more than unpredictable! Summer, winter, summer, winter, spring? The warm sun could be shining on your face on a mild "winter" day in February, or gale force winds could be blowing at you on an "almost spring" evening in March!

This week, the Northeast finally experienced our first "significant" snowfall of the season, aptly named Winter Storm Stella. Unlike the blizzards of previous years, Stella brought Fairfax and Loudoun Country residents 3-5 inches of snow. Schools and businesses were closed, and many of us were able to work from home (or in my case, #adult less). 

To celebrate the season's first (and only?) snowfall, my fellow photographer friend Brooke and I planned an impromptu photo shoot in the snow. We went to Algonkian Regional Park (one of my favorite locations for portraits, by the way) to seek the golden hour light and photograph our friends enjoying the snow day! Here are some of my favorites:


We had some cloud coverage, but eventually the sun decided to pop out and give the landscape some color after a stormy day...

Many thanks to the models (Viji, Tanvi, Trisha, Clint, Megan and Glor) who came out to brave the cold and pose for us! You are all rockstars and I love you all for embracing the elements and celebrating the beauty of photography as an "all weather art form"! 

#PROTIP: It is okay to be silly sometimes... actually... always! 

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