Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

Why hire the same company for your wedding?


These days, many clients appreciate a “one-stop shop” for both photography and video. It is no surprise that in the wedding industry, photographers and videographers could easily butt heads. With limited time and both vendors fighting for the same angles, it can often compromise the end result and the client’s happiness — which is the most important ingredient in any wedding. To avoid the risk of the either side putting limits on each other, we strongly recommend booking with a single combined package for photography and video.

Here are FOUR reasons why that is the best idea ever:

The Best Combined Product

When you hire Laurentina Photography + Video for both services, you will work with a team who value shared incentives and accountability. We will make sure every team member is present for the important parts of your wedding day. The end result will be a beautifully crafted gallery of photos and videos that capture the joy of your special day.

Better Communication & Workflow

Each team will know how the other side works to document the wedding day. They will communicate locations and stay out of each other’s way during the important shots, as well as work together during shots where it makes sense to shoot side by side (such as the couple walking together). This results in fewer “ruined” shots, which allows us to be more efficient when pressed for time.


Better Audio and Cinema!

Maybe you’ve seen videos where there is the constant clicking of the camera’s shutter while the groom is reading his letter, or annoying flashes going off during the first dance. These moments require complete silence. Since our photographers are aware of our needs, their cameras will be turned on to Silent Mode and their flashes will be turned off. That way, you can really relive the magic of your wedding day audio without those pesky disturbances.

**If you are convinced that hiring the same company for both services is the best thing ever, please get in touch with Laura at the email below!

Videography Add-on Options

We know that committing to full photography and videography packages is not always budget friendly, so we are introducing videography add-on options to photography. You can now choose to have just your ceremony, speeches and dances filmed, or have full event coverage that will then be stitched together in a romantic and moving highlights video. Plus, it will be friendlier on your overall wedding investment.