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Frequently asked questions

There is no such thing as a ______ question! If you don't see your question listed below, please send me an email and I will be glad to help out! Here are the commonly asked questions from our clients that cover all of our services:

how long have you been in business?

I photographed my first wedding in 2009 and started Laurentina Photography in 2011. Back then, it was a part-time photography business to complement my other career in education (full time Art and ESL teacher). As the business grew, I scaled back on my teaching hours and eventually went full-time in Fall 2016 to better serve my clients. It's been an adventure and I love what I do! 


My shooting style is a mix between photojournalism and posed photography. I love capturing the "in-between" moments where you come out of a pose and laugh. I am vertically awesome (5' 1'' 1/2 to be exact) and do my best to stay out of your way so that you can enjoy whichever moment you find yourself in. The way I edit my photos and videos can be described as "film-inspired": I love bright, vibrant colors but also enjoy incorporating the overall feel of scene when I post-process my work. 


To see if we are a good fit, please reach out to me via the contact form with as many details as you can provide about your wedding or event. I will then send you a proposal for your request and after signing the agreement, you will put down a non-refundable retainer to "save the date". This amount varies depending on how far in advance you book your session, but in general, it is 33% for weddings 6+ months out and 50% for all other photography and video services.

do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely! I love to travel and have photographed clients in Italy, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Malaysia... and will be documenting my first destination wedding in Austin, TX in September 2017! If you would like to book a session, please check out my travel schedule (or follow me on Instagram). I appreciate travel costs such as transportation, hotel and rental car to be covered for destination weddings, but if it's a location that I'm dying to photograph in (hint hint: Italy and Iceland), I will do my BEST to work with you to make it happen!

Burnside Farms Haymarket VA Portraits



Right now, it's a one-woman show! We hope to hire interns to help with administrative tasks in the future! While I do hire second shooters and assistants, all the post-production is done by yours truly to ensure the highest quality control and brand authenticity. In addition, you can also rest assured that unless otherwise stated, I will be at every wedding, event or photography session to shoot and make sure things go smoothly! Thank you in advance for your patience as I create your heirloom of memories for you!


I usually post a sneak peek on social media within 48 hours of your wedding, event or photo shoot. Turnaround time varies depending on the event, but it is usually 7-10 days for portraits/events, 3-4 weeks for full wedding galleries and 6-8 weeks for a wedding highlights film.


You will receive all the photos that make you look your absolute best! Trust me, you do not want photos of you with your eyes half open or awkwardly posed. This also varies depending on the event/shoot nature and the shot list requested, but in general, I average 40 final images per hour of shooting. 

can you give us the raw files (photo & video)?

I do not give out RAW files (photo or video) because I feel that is a disservice to the investment you made for your wedding, event or portrait photos. Giving RAW files is equivelent to a commissioned artist delivering a half-finished painting or a chef serving a half-eaten salad -- NO WAY, JOSE! So the short answer is... no, I am not a "shoot and burn" photographer and do not offer RAWs.

are we allowed to edit our photos?

When you hire Laurentina Photography, you are paying for the final carefully selected and creatively edited photos and videos that make up my brand. I spend more time in post-production than I do at your wedding, event or portrait session. When you put an Instagram filter or crop on your photos, you take away from the finished product. 

i am not comfortable having my photos on social media. 

We do use your for marketing purposes online from time to time -- after all, it's what makes the photography industry who we are! While we do use your photos, we respect your privacy as to not tag your name or location, and use aliases when applicable. Most people are comfortable with sharing images online that do not mention those specifics. However, if you need ultimate privacy, please contact us for a photo usage form and quote.

Do you offer prints, albums and other wall art?

Yes! And I highly encourage you to #printyourphotos! We use only professional photography labs and can tell you (and show you!) the difference of quality between a consumer lab (such as Walmart) vs. our professional lab. Depending on your session, you are welcome to come for a Reveal Session to see samples and place your order there. 

do you offer mini sessions?

We do offer mini sessions a couple of times a year, usually in the fall because I love photographing in autumn foliage! I also know that not everyone is interested in a full session (and think their kids are going to be crazy - but first, holiday cards)! Send me a message to find out when our next dates will take place!

what are your favorite locations for a photo shoot?

I love traveling around and getting to know a variety of places for portrait sessions! Some of my favorite locations in the area are definitely Old Town Alexandria, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Lincoln/Jefferson/War Memorials*, Meridian Hill Park, Dupont Circle, Georgetown Canals, Lake Anne - Reston and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. **Please note that any location in the National Park Service requires a permit, and I am not able to photograph there without us getting one. 

Storie in Italy Prints


do you offer a second photographer or videographer?

Second photographers are included in the top package of my wedding photography package. I am comfortable photographing a wedding of any size on my own but it is helpful to have a second if the bride & groom are getting ready in different locations and also for the cocktail hour + family portraits. The going day rate for second photographers and videographers is $50/hour for someone who is experienced. 


Your wedding, event and portrait session are extremely important to me! Your second shooters go through a lengthy interview process to make sure they are the right fit. On my Team, I have professionals that I have worked with many times in the past and always provide a brief bio upon request. I want to ensure that hiring a second is a positive experience for all and that your event matters! 

what kind of equipment do you use?

Since I get asked this question frequently, I thought I'd list my usual gear but kindly remind everyone that it is the person taking the photo, not the camera! That being said...

  • Primary Camera: Nikon D810 & Sony A6000
  • Second Camera: Nikon D800
  • Fun Cameras: GoPro Hero 3+ (with accessories) | my Instax 10 Polaroid Camera
  • Lenses: Nikon 35mm 1.8 | Nikon 50mm 1.4 | Nikon 85mm 1.8 | Nikon 24mm 2.8 (wide angle) | Sony 16-55mm | Sony 50mm
  • Flash & Lights: Nikon SB5000 | GenRay LED lights | Younguo Speedlites
  • Audio: Lavalier mics and various recorders, RODE shotgun mic 
  • Stabilizers: Zhiyun Crane M | Manfrotto Tripods & Monopods | Revo Stabilizer

are we a good fit for each other?

Check out my social media pages: Instagram | Facebook and if you connect with what you see, please CONTACT ME! Thanks for reading this lengthy FAQ and I look forward to working together soon!