DC and Northern Virginia Yoga Photography

Branding Images for Yoga Teachers and Studios

Yoga Photography that goes beyond the Postures.

I remember my first yoga classes with great fondness, over 10 years ago, as a graduate student attending Georgetown University in Washington DC.

My friends and I traded our (almost daily) happy hour to try out studios during DC Yoga Week. We entered a row-house off P Street and walked up the stairs to an inviting and welcoming space. It was our first time taking a yoga class and all the teachers were so friendly and helpful. There were lavender eye pillows for the ultimate relaxation during Savasana, and also herbal tea and cookies to savor after class!

For someone who has struggled with body image issues her whole life and never thought of herself as “flexible”, my yoga practice became a sanctuary and saving grace. It helped me through good times and bad, as well as challenged me to really get to know myself.

The practice of yoga asanas and mindfulness has also followed me throughout every stage of my life, career changes, and even training for marathons… and throughout this process, I have been blessed to work with the most incredible teachers who believe in my potentiality and encourage me to move forward with sincerity and humility. And for this reason, I am excited to now officially offer Yoga Photography as a part of Laurentina’s Branding offerings!


As a creative entrepreneur, you are the FACE of your brand. And your students (current, future & virtual) need to see YOU and what YOUR CALLING is all about.

That definitely goes for Yoga Teachers! It’s not easy being a Yoga Teacher (or as I like to call it, Maestra della Vita - Teacher of Life) and I’m so grateful for the love and devotion that my teachers have given me throughout my yoga journey.

As your Yoga Photographer, my intention for every photo shoot is to make you feel like you are hanging out with a dear friend. We will laugh, have fun and not take ourselves seriously throughout the process. I’m committed to creating images that capture your yoga practice, tell your story, connect with your audience and help cultivate your calling. Your headshots, workspace and “tools of the trade” images are a roadmap to help you arrive at just the right place. As your Branding Photographer, I am also your content creator and stylist. In our visual culture, having powerful images to present is


In my experience as an Ashtanga Yoga student, yoga is a lifestyle and spiritual practice that goes beyond the asanas (physical practice). In our contemporary yoga culture, there is a huge focus on the physical that we often forget that it is #all8limbs that help us to truly “be here now”. We enter into this world with an inhale and we leave with an exhale. It’s a journey of self-discovery in our crazy, complicated and confusing world. Along the way, we are met with challenges, both on and off the yoga mat. Yoga does not help us “escape” those challenges (or things that we don’t like about ourselves) — instead, it helps us to grow. We are perfectly imperfect human beings, who have to be okay with falling (yes, from headstand! and in life) as well as picking ourselves back up to fight. Most of all, yoga teaches us to love ourselves.